Felt so good was born in 2009, when founder Adele Zara Collinson was working in Asia and came upon the vibrancy and potential of using felt as a sustainable, eco-friendly material.

She found the perfect relationship with a small cottage industry in Nepal creating her designs from wool in a safe, ethical way with a minimal carbon footprint.


Implementing and Promoting the importance of Fair trade is at the heart of Felt so good’s ethics. Every product purchased supports our team of skilled artisans in Nepal, enabling them to live independently with access to safe, discrimination free work with a fair rate of pay.
They don’t want to just create sustainable products, but sustainable employment too.

They visit the team three times a year to ensure our high standards of working conditions and employment are maintained. They have worked hard over the years to not only build a strong working relationship, but strong friendships too.


Ensuring our practices and production has as little negative effect on the planet is at the core of Felt so good’s principles. We are constantly thriving to grow our sustainability whilst continuing to respect and safeguard our environment.

Our top-quality sheep’s wool is sourced from New Zealand, a completely natural by-product which is processed to the highest environmental standards and always cruelty free. 

The various processes this wool goes through to transform into our fabulous felt is always as eco-conscious as possible. Our products are hand crafted using traditional needle felting and wet felting techniques.

Naturally, these artisan methods are far more environmentally friendly as they require no machinery and therefore the production of our products is entirely pollution free.

All the dyes used to create our vibrant colours are ‘azo’ free and most are natural dyes. The steamers used for this dying process are powered using off cuts from local carpenters, therefore reducing waste in surrounding villages and transportation of materials are minimised in order to reduce any water wastage, we purify all of our own water on site, which we can then use again.


We are passionate about creating high quality, long-lasting products that don’t compromise on design and showcase the beauty of natural materials.

Therefore, our products are made from 100% sustainable wool and are entirely plastic free!

Every adorable accessory or wacky expression has been lovingly hand stitched using organic cotton thread or needle felted. We don’t use glue in any of our products.

Unlike similar felted products, you will never find any sneaky polystyrene centres in our characters. Just natural wool.

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