Established in 1985, selling t-shirts and sweats on the slopes of the Alps, White Stuff has continued to develop and evolve. Throughout White Stuff has always pushed creatively to be different and go beyond main stream. With unique prints and styles and an eye for detail that makes it stand apart from the crowd. Quality is at the heart of everything White Stuff does. They like their clothes to be versatile and become wardrobe favourites, things you can wear and wear for years to come.

The ethos is more than skin deep. If you scratch the surface and explore further there is a company creating beautiful fashion with a conscience and deeply held ethical values. White Stuff has Given £3 million back to communities both in the UK and overseas since 2010.

White Stuff care about the workers who make their products, that's why they continually check the working conditions in the factories that they work in. They think about the whole White Stuff world - that's over 160 factories across 16 countries and a total of 60,000 workers.

White Stuff believe in doing good stuff and that means looking after their people. White Stuff don't tolerate poor working conditions or people being treated unfairly, if they find people in any part of the supply chain working in these conditions, they will take action to help resolve issues in a fair and responsible way.

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