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Welcome to Doorstep Adventures, an exciting new website designed to show you that the best adventures truly are the homemade kind. Whether it's on the beach, in a park or forest or simply in your own back garden, our versatile range of products can help you get the most out of your time in the great (and small) outdoors. Our emphasis is on supplying products to facilitate fun, quality together-time, with comfort and convenience only a step behind.

Doorstep Adventures is a family business located in Scarborough, the seaside jewel in North Yorkshire's crown. Thanks to the "staycation" trend, Scarborough is enjoying a resurgence in popularity as a family holiday venue. Surrounded by moors, forests and stunning blue-flag beaches, it's no wonder visitors are flocking to our beautiful coastline to soak up the scenery and take advantage of the best that the North-East has to offer.

Meet the Team (a.k.a guinea pigs).
Families and businesses come in all shapes and sizes. Here's what ours looks like.

The Cummings...

James: Fount of all knowledge, Daddy, husband, outdoor survival expert, culinary master, surfer dude and officially One Of The Good Guys. What James doesn't know about leaf shelters, making fire and whittling cutlery from twigs simply isn't worth knowing. If your ship went down and left the crew marooned on a desert island, you'd definitely eat him last.

Rachael: Thrift merchant and bargain bloodhound for all things kitsch and vintage, Rachael has the Midas touch when it comes to transforming an "ordinary" day out into a huge adventure. Picnics become feasts, walks turn into quests and daisy-picking is swapped for foraging for elderflower supplies to make homemade champagne. Catchphrase: "Living the dream."

William: A pocket rocket of non-stop energy, William is a six-year-old super-hero, swashbuckling pirate or Jedi knight in the making... depending on the day of the week and availability of props. Forget weekend or holiday adventures, life is the adventure for Will.

Olivia: Blessed with rare truth-speaking powers and a stare that could crumble mountains, four-year-old Olivia is a force to be reckoned with. For Famous Five devotees, what we're dealing with here is George - Timmy + a lot of attitude. Put it this way - in thirty years time, the country (possibly the world) will be in safe hands.
Dave: Technical Wizard
Responsible for our web development and site maintenance, Dave is to computers what Harry Potter is to snakes. Forget Parsel-tongue - Dave is that rare breed of human who can communicate with computers and actually understand them. We could hardly believe it either. Issues with gateways, portals and other far-out techy glitches beyond the reach of mortal minds? Our man barely breaks a sweat. Everyone should have a standby Dave in their cupboard for emergencies. Seriously.
Kim: Designer-Designer
The creative mind behind all Doorstep's design features, Kim is a designer who is... well, designer. Sharp, edgy, on-trend... slightly "out there", if you know what we mean. (All creative types tread that genius-madness line. It's a style thing). We suspect that Kim had her work frequently displayed in Tony Hart's Gallery on HartBeat before she discovered make-up and got cool. Admit it, you entered it too.

Product Testers
Doorstep Adventure products appeal to a broad spectrum of people, from complete outdoorsy novices to die-hard campers who can erect a tent in the dark, rip open a can of baked beans with their bare hands and cook a wholesome meal on a camping stove in the pouring rain. We also cater for those seeking more luxury outdoor options to enhance their fresh-air experiences. (Think unbreakable champagne flutes, fleecy picnic rugs, cosy deckchairs and scrummy hampers. Heaven).

With this in mind, meet our equally broad-ranging and brave product testers, flinging themselves into the firing line with a "quality control" battle cry on their lips. (Also, we're confident that if they can do it, anyone can. But don't tell them we said that).

Here Come the Girls: Claire and Sophie Connor
Keen as mustard and eager to get to grips with the great outdoors, 32-year-old Claire and 6-year-old Sophie are the original have-a-go-heroes when it comes to testing our latest products.

Utter novices with outdoor kit of all kinds, their skills are improving by leaps and bounds. Pretty soon there'll be no stopping them, especially once we've persuaded Claire that there's a time and place for stilettos. And it's not the beach.

Meanwhile, beneath Sophie's built-in risk assessment setting lies a wild streak that we're gradually teasing out with home-grown adventures. It's a joy to behold. She's currently looking forward to her first-ever camping trip, complete with star-gazing and hot chocolate. Bless.


2.4 Children: The Holloways
Meet Vanessa, Julian, Rose and Sebastian. The Holloways are a versatile brood who love the finer things in life but are equally at home getting their hands dirty in the garden or taking long family rambles in the countryside. For them, it's all about the Doorstep philosophy of quality time and having fun.

Ness: a 30-looking-40 Yummy Mummy who wears shades in winter and pulls it off. Manages to make wellies look glamourous. Enough said.

Julian: Mr. Competitive and a veritable King of Romance (universally hated by husbands near and far for setting such a high bar). From kite-flying to building a treehouse, Julian will take you on and win. Or die trying.

Rose: 4-year-old Rose is great lover of sand, mud and water in any combination. Unusually firm fashion boundaries...if it's purple, she'll wear it. If not she'll go naked, thanks.

Sebastian: 2-year-old Sebbie is good enough to eat. Will try anything from spaghetti hoops to bridge-swinging if you tell him Luke Skywalker did it.

We hope that Doorstep Adventures reflects our family's love of the outdoors. Take it... and pass it on.


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